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Intelligent Defect Detection Soft Platform – Based on Optical Inspection Technology

Production information
In semiconductor manufacturing processes, how to increase the capability & efficiency of wafer defect inspection and then to enhance total production yield should be the number one issue for all wafer manufacturers.

Based on optical inspection technology and outstanding defect metrology skills, we are proud to provide you with a series of well proven and advanced solutions to help you make the most of your existing inspection equipment. Our solutions are the most powerful True Failure Killer Defect finder in the industry, which are fully commercial available with friendly smart GUI for operation.  

To meet the trend of industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing, our intelligent solutions are perfect for all advanced wafer manufacturing processes (e.g. 40nm, 28nm, 20nm, 16nm, 14nm, 10nm, 7nm processes) at 12-inch semiconductor wafer fab.

For further details or product demo/evaluation request, you are very welcome to contact us at to experience the most powerful solutions for yield enhancement today.
Product Description
Random Defect Inspection Platform A 
- To classify defect identity
- To identify killer & non-killer defects
- To remove non-killer defects
- Killer defects left
Auto Defect Classification Soft Platform
The world’s leading random defect solution, predict non-killer defects with more than 99.9% accuracy before SEM images’ shot.  Screen non-killer defects has proven the catch of true failure random defect multiple times better than competitors’ in a 28nm Semiconductor Fab.
Random Defect Inspection Platform B
- To identify and remove in-line lower risk defects 
- To select higher risk killer defect samples
Auto Defect Sample Soft Platform
By picking defect samples from the killer defects group using killer defect index (KDI) that targets true failure random defects.
Systematic Defect Inspection Platform
- To catch weak patterns
Weak Pattern Group and Sample Soft Platform
By catching the Systematic defect patterns with both basic and advanced pattern grouping methods as well as smart GUI design intelligently. Weak pattern library help users manage systematic defects’ patterns much more efficiently. 
Automatic Solution
- The automation process between Defect Inspection and  Review SEM & Image
To trigger new defect job.
To execute defect job.
To upload defect results to the server.

To save a tremendous amount of time cost